Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm RICH !!!! I just struck oil !

My trip to New York was exactly as I expected. The streets gave me that “oomph” that I needed. Movement and people everywhere so full of life and energy.

I love that!

I never mind the hour drive to the city that never sleeps. My husband never lost his touch on the road. He is a human GPS and I’m always grateful when he mans the wheel freeing my hands to knit, my eyes to peak and my mind to wander. I love NY. We drove through Manhattan , Brooklyn and China Town with our son, enjoying the sights and sounds and munching on roasted peanuts as we headed to spots to get the our goodies…

I went to my tried and true oil spot Nicholas on 125th but because they mainly carry fragrance oils and not much medicinal oils I walked out with a bag of incense, and some black soap. Happy.
A few blocks from Nicholas I wondered into Walkers Natural Health store and found almond oil, grapeseed oil, aloe vera gel, brown sugar, honey... The basics … This was money well spent. It is also a great new beginning for my skin and I!

Of course I picked up tasty vegetarian foods and ate from my favorite vegan restaurant , The Uptown juice bar, before returning home.....

Sad to report I did not get any NYX eye shadows but I am most happy with the items I was able to buy.I will be returning to the city at the end of the month. I want grab a few things from Fordham Road and I'm pretty certain there is a cute shop there that sells NYX. No worries.

my natural face /hair care haul
Now in light of skin care~ I am on a mission to improve my skin and overall health of my skin over the next few weeks. I am seeking a glowing, blemish- free, buttery brown complexion. LOL …In order to become a expert at my own skin care I am studying the properties of oils and learning about the personality of my own skin....I think with a little T.L.C I will be the owner of that bronze glow I desire. Already it seems, my skin is showing signs of appreciation for the recent cleansing session I’ve indulged in using Castor oil. Yes, oil….Castor oil is essential to cleansing and it will quench the thirst of my skin and hair while not adding additional grime to my acne prone skin.

I am throwing away my facial cleanser and moisturizer now that I have unearthed and accepted this truth about the right way to cleanse my face.
If you are unfamiliar with oil cleansing a-k-a the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) please check out the brief and informative videos below:

video 1
video 2 ( nice before and after)

So do you want to Strike It Rich too?
Here are some must have oils to help your enRICH your skin:

Almond Oil - Excellent emollient high fatty acids. Ideal in the treatment of very dry, chapped skin. Healing and moisturizing, with a sweet fragrance

Grape Seed Oil - Very light and odorless on oily skin, it absorbs easily through the skin

Jojoba Oil - Helps the skin and hair shaft keep moisture in. Does not go rancid

Olive Oil - A natural sun screen, Often used as a base , good for sensitive skin and babies.

Eucalyptus Oil- great for clearing the breathing passageway when your stuffy from a cold

Castor Oil- Great for any thing from constipation and childbirth to cleaning and moisturizing the skin

There are many more to name, above is a few easy to get basics...If you just have one or two , start with what you have, TODAY !

What other great oils do you know of  and use? Do tell !
Stay tuned for updates and pics of my skin improvements!

peace and luv


  1. You got a nice haul there. Please let me know what day you're coming this way again so I can at least meet you before the year is out!

  2. @ ladybean73, I thought of you all day !
    LOL …
    I would have loved to get in some knitting and lunch …but the Mr. and Jr. Mister would have messed it all up with their frowns and groans !!! LOL
    NEXT time I head that way I’ll let you know for sure .


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