Saturday, November 20, 2010

Took the Pro out of Procrastinator...and moved on...

How I became productive:

I am brutally honest with my self regarding my time and how it’s being used.

I started writing a daily list the night before and setting a time frame to accomplish my goals for the next day.

I wake up earlier and get started on my morning exercise ASAP before I lose the will power to move from the bed. then I fake it till I make it. (I am honestly still working on this one, but practice makes perfect)

My FaceBook diet has helped …I will do this more often. Weaning my self from excessive social networking was a tough task but it freed up my online time. I still love FB, It's been a great way to connect with new people...And I will continue to use it..However, one must limit one self every now and then and practice moderation.  

I stopped blog-hopping. I set a rule for my self ..I can not read any other blogs until my current post has been written, edited and blogged ! Only then I can take a mini tour of the blogsphere. I reward my self on Friday and Saturday nights with extensive blog surfing and e-socializing!

I do the stuff I hate RIGHT AWAY! I have to admit this works well at work too.

I let the voicemail do what I pay it to do.
I take notes of the important things that pop in my head…Ideas are not obligated to stay for long and I soon forget the good ones so I take notes.

I knit through all the waiting and PRODUCE a lot (doctor office, for children, store lines, red lights, meetings)

I break (dance) play and converse with my kids, call girlfriends, knit, indulge in some level of sexual activity and nap. Not everyday for everything, LOL and not in this order, but I get it in .....These refreshing activities keeps me balanced , sane and young at heart.
All work and No play is a sad equation !

I bribe my self. I love rewards and will work for them.

I nap. Everyday. 

most importantly,

I take my self , my life and my passions SERIOUSLY and every one followed suite !

Changing habits, cultivating and carving a life of love and laughter is what my focus is right now !!!

Ooooooooh, I'm focused man !!!!

On that note,
I gotta run, hun ...


Peace and Love


  1. What a great Post!
    I tend to procastinate as well.
    But I am working on it as well,setting goals and focusing on attaining them

  2. This is a great post!! I am totally guilty of this and it has to stop. I really try to make better use of my time and some days I am successful. I would like to up the number of successful days, though. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will add you to my reader to ;o)


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