Friday, November 12, 2010

Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Queen ...

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I have always had a love hate relationship with my skin. From about the age of 12 on I have had breakouts, blackheads and large, painful ( ZAP the fun out of a girl’s life) zits that made me want to skip school EVERYDAY!!!!!! This was a pain in my arse as well as my mother’s. Mom tried to encourage me, even paid for dermatologists and skin care. I remember one day missing my school bus, because she caught me crying about my acne and forced me to look in the mirror and say over and over to my self  “I am beautiful”
(Some things your mommy did, you just don’t forget !!!!)

As I grew up, I learned that my oily skin would probably always be oily and I taught my self different ways to maintain it. I was the girl who made “natural potions” and kept them in the fridge until my mom got annoyed. I read scores of articles in teen magazines and tried to create my own products in my mother’s kitchen. I can still remember the feel of my first oatmeal scrub and the smell of the egg yoke facial that I forgot to remove from the fridge after use. LOL

Getting older and getting busier, I gave up on creating beauty products in the kitchen when I hade to actually make food and feed a family in there. To save time and sanity I started seeking out the store bought stuff and some times even relied on basic soap and water and even rubbing alcohol to cleanse and soak up the oil from my skin!!!

To this day, I admit, I have found nothing better to combat my stubborn skin than those ingredients hidden in mommy’s cupboard.
Wow … I am not surprised ….We know what is best for us , then some one , some thing , or maybe some advertising tell us differently and off we go taking another route than the one we should be on. This is what happened in regards to my skin care…It seems, even as a little girl I already knew how to love and pamper my skin …Then some how, through life and it’s demands, I lost touch with that self knowledge…

I’m still oily, still breaking out, and still having those painful flare up right before “Auntie Flow “arrives in her scarlet dress to hang out with me!

Ugh …I am fed up …I must take action ….and NOW!

I am reclaiming my natural beauty and re-entering the kitchen to make it happen!
This weekend I will stock up on oils and tools that I need to protect my skin and hair this winter. “NATURAL FACE/HAIR CARE HAUL”, you can call it that…

I am done with all these cleansers and moisturizers that don’t help me…Letting go won't be hard to do because I’m not a product junkie …Just a few staple products that get the job done is what my wallet and I like….
As I make these changes and create a new skin care regimen for myself I rest assured that the turn out will be awesome!!! I am armed with basic skin care know-how, a few good books and articles, the advice from beauty bloggers like you and some great YOUTUBE vids. LOL… I am committed to getting that great skin I always wanted ...

Action plan :
Tomorrow I’m heading to NYC for some shopping and a little lunch…
(And I hope to find a store that carries all the NYX eye shadow colors too!)

Here is a sample of my MUST HAVE list:

Brown Sugar
Castor Oil
Olive Oil
Almond Oil
Spray bottle
Small glass bowl
and a few more things ;)

2.B.continued ………….

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